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A stylish & proud
brand driven by heritage

El Salvador


This family company has been in the spice and tea business since 1894, we found in Mamá Olâya, who is their original founder a solid essence and the bedrock where the whole concept takes off.

We were looking for a fresh and attractive look and feel, without neglecting the history and tradition the brand already has. This graphic identity combines heritage with a progressive look to the future.

“I will certainly work with them
  again and I recommend everyone
  tries their services at least once!

Gloria Méndez / Olâya's owner


The graphic concept takes visual reference from the classic stacks of powder and herbs you can see at every spice house or popular market.


We related this to Abuela Olaya

Abuela Olaya was the original founder of the family company more than 120 years ago, back then it was just a little spice store at the local market, but now has evolved into a Spice and Tea House, the circumflex represents
her silent presence in the heart of the company.

Symbol that often indicates the historical presence of a letter (commonly S) that has, over years of linguistic evolution, become silent until fallen away in orthography

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Olaya - 02.jpg
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