created as an 
in-house project

San Salvador, El Salvador
Typography / Motiongraphics

The inspiration came from different places,
it was an experimental mix between
illustration, typography and animation.

We tried to conceive a sense of calm 
and steady motion, like being cradled
by the waves under a pink sky.

We based the concept mostly on
architectural design,imposible objects
and a color palette inspired by the
sunset on the beach. 
[- one of our favorite places -]

“The visualisation, color palette and
general idea were clear from the
beginning, but the most challenging
task was to select from all the
possibilities available for every letter
to be divided in tridimensional
sections to create diversity in the
shapes of every character.”

Laura Avila / Art Direction - Illustration

“It was an interesting challenge
to keep 
a well suited pace and
cohesive style througout the
whole alphabet within a series

of different shapes”

Luis Sagastume / Creative Direction - Motion Graphics

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